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AP1000 Ladder Locking Device

AP1000 Ladder Locking Device

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The HTS designed Ladder Locking Device is built to be light and effective, no moving parts and no ware items.  With the integrated “STOP” laser cut into the main plate.  The device will not only act as a physical locking device, but also a human performance check tool as well.

Manufactured from lightweight Aluminum with an approximate weight of 9.5 lbs., means that it can be easily installed and handled by your team.

The locking mechanism uses a standard Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) pad lock hasp that allows the use of different sizes, shapes and quantities of pad locks for ultimate flexibility.  

For installation, the user would tilt the leading edge of the Locking Device down to engage the Locking Tab under the ladder’s Outer Cage Top Ring.  While lowering down the end closest to the user onto the ladder’s Top Rung to capture the rung into the locking window (nearest to user).  Install LOTO Hasp and Lock, and installation is complete.  

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