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Flux Thimble Cutting - Flux Thimble Grapple

Flux Thimble Cutting - Flux Thimble Grapple

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The HTS designed Flux Thimble Grapple is the workhorse component of the HTS Flux Thimble Cut-up Tooling Package.  Maintaining positive control of the "Hot End" of the irradiated Flux Thimble is CRITICAL to ensure a SAFE and EVENT FREE cutting campaign.  The Flux Thimble Grapple uses a pneumatic cylinder to operate a moving lead-in to ensure the thimble stays controlled inside the tool at all times.  The integrated lead-in positions the thimble within the Grapple's Jaws allowing even the most inexperienced operator "success at depth".  The specially designed Grapple Jaws are pneumatically operated and exert an increasing amount of gripping force with increased pulling force, to remove even the most stubborn Flux Thimbles.

Construction Highlights:

  • Stainless Steel Main Body
  • Hardened SST Jaws
  • Tape-Less Pole "J-Lock" Compatibility
  • Working Load Limit of 750 lbs using the HTS Tape-Less Pole System


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